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INN 6167014643

OGRN 1026102571285

Russian Federation,

Rostov Oblast,

city Taganrog,

Komsomolskiy Spusk st.,2


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Dear customers!

Send your inquiries by e-mail: and by fax: + 7-8634-31-74-74.

The request must be made out on company letterhead indicating the details, signed by an authorized person and contain the following information:

1. Full name of the cargo, HS code, IMO, detailed description of the cargo and its packaging (weight, dimensions, etc.).
2. Transshipment volumes in tons (per month / year) and frequency of deliveries (one-time batch or monthly deliveries).
3. Transshipment conditions (direct option or with technological accumulation).
4. The method of transportation and estimated dates of delivery of cargo to the port - the method of transportation and estimated dates of export of cargo from the port, the period of accumulation of the shipload.
5. Starting point of departure (city (port) / country / railway station) and final destination of cargo (city (port) / country / railway station).
6. Copies of the safety data sheet, certificates, declarations for cargo and packaging if they are provided (required for dangerous, polluting (dusty) goods).

We are glad to every client.